Trail Guides

You won't find such in-depth trail guides for these trails anywhere else. Many of these trails don't have guides available - except here! They are the trails of the North Fork of Long Island, plus others nearby. I have had lots of fun hiking all the trails listed, and learning about this beautiful island we live on. To create the maps, I used a GPS, then drew the trails on my computer, along with several notes. Each one was time consuming to create, and I am now offering them to you for FREE. Some of them were done a few years ago, so I can't guarantee the trails haven't changed. But for the most part, they are very accurate. If you hike one of them and notice the trails have changed, please let me know. Click on the map you'd like, then right click on that larger image and choose "save image as". Be sure the location is your desktop so that it's easy to locate, and save. Then open it from your desktop, print it out and GO FOR A WALK!! And, if you use one of my guides, let me know where you went, what you saw, etc. I'd love to know how many of you are using my trail guides. Thanks.