Beach Findings Pendants

These pendants are made from stones and or shells that I have collected from eastern Long Island beaches. Some are polished - which, depending on the stone or shell, takes two to about five weeks. Then I wire wrap them in gold color, silver plated, or copper color wire - all tarnish resistant wires; or permanently colored wires of bright colors, or black. They are ready to put on your favorite chain. A perfect gift for someone that would appreciate an item of jewelry that expresses the beauty Long Island beaches! You can send me a check (email me to get my address) or you can pay through paypal by using my email address. If you do not live near Riverhead, shipping and handling for one pendant is $4.00 to go anywhere in the U.S. Simply email me your requests. You can't get anything more unique than these - and they are one of a kind. Enjoy!

1-1/2" white quarts crocheted in silver $27.00

2-1/2" dark wampum shell in crochet $27.00

1-1/2" orange quarts in silver $25.00

1-3/4" greenish & white in crochet $27.00

2" gray stone wrapped in silver $27.00

1-1/2" gray & white quarts in silver $25.00

2" long spotty yellow stone in silver $25.00

2-1/4" blue glass wrapped in aqua wire $25.00

3-1/4" long unpolished brown stone in crochet and wrapped $27.00

2' blue gray and white in silver $25.00

4-1/4" large wormy clam shell with silver and purple  $25.00

2" long narrow stone with very simple minimal twist $25.00

2-1/4" long white quartz with silver and gold  $25.00

2" vertical gray stone with simple wrap and glue $25.00

1-3/4" wampum with spiral silver across front  $25.00

2-1/4" blue polished glass in sterling silver $25.00 (SOLD)

3-1/2" tall unpolished dark gray stone in sterling and black wires $30.00

1-1/2" tall white quartz wrapped with aqua green wire $25.00

2" tall scallop shell wrapped in gold colored wire $25.00

3-1/2" tall polished welk free-form wrapped in silver $25.00

1-1/2" white quartz wrapped in black wire $25.00

4" unpolished gray stone wrapped in silver $25.00

2" tall white quartz wrapped in silver and copper $27.00

3-1/4" tall oyster shell with two cobalt blue glass pieces $30.00

3-1/4" tall unpolished flat stone with scallop shell $27.00

1-3/4" gray & white striated quartz $25.00

2-1/4" large scallop shell $25.00

4-1/4" wormy razor clam shell in silver and copper $25.00

1-3/4" tall purple and silver wrapped white quartz $27.00

white quartz in sterling and gold wires $27.00 (SOLD)

1-1/2" tall polished wampum with cloudy quartz $27.00

2-3/4" gray stone with white layers, border wrapped in sterling $30.00

2" tall yellow quartz with sterling and gold wires $27.00

1-1/2" orange quartz in aqua green wire $25.00

2-3/4" worm-holed clam shell in purple wrap $25.00

2-3/4" tall polished wampum with worm holes $25.00 (SOLD)

1-1/4" black and silver wrapped white with black stripe quartz $25.00

1-3/4" tall white scallop shell with green spiral wrap $25.00

1-1/2" purple and silver border wrapped white quartz $30.00

red and white quartz, border wrapped in sterling (not for sale)

2" brown semi-polished stone in silver $27.00

2" black stone in silver and copper $27.00

2-1/4" oval feldspar mix $30.00

1-3/4" gray wrapped in silver $25.00

2" white quartz wrapped in silver with blue coil $30.00

1-3/4" pudding stone $25.00

1-1/2" quartz with yellow and black accents wrapped in gold $25.00

1-1/5" round gray quartz with star design in stone wrapped in silver $27.00

1-1/4" triangle stone brown and milky $30.00

2-3/4" clam wampum shell wrapped in purple and silver $25.00

2" white scallop shell wrapped in blue $25.00

2-1/4" yellow stone with gray veins $30.00


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